Interview Pocket Guide 5th Edition

Interview Pocket Guide 5th Edition

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Available Now! Reviewed by legal counsel and updated accordingly, the fifth edition of IPMA-HR’s Interview Guide is a must-have for anyone involved in the hiring process, particularly in the public sector.

Make Better Hiring Decisions with IPMA-HR's Interview Guide

The interview is a critical part of the hiring process that, if executed correctly, will ultimately help move your organization forward. Make sure your interview team has everything they need to ensure a successful hiring processing with IPMA-HR’s Interview Guide.

This 25-page booklet:

  • Provides a structured, fair and consistent process that’s easy to implement — and virtually foolproof.
  • Saves money in the interview process, helping you and your team quickly zero in on the right candidates.
  • Minimizes mistakes that are based on gut feelings and first impressions.
  • Helps you maintain a legal hiring process by ensuring that all interviewers ask predetermined and agreed-upon questions.

Easy to use, IPMA-HR's Interview Guide serves as a perfect reference source for HR professionals and is an excellent risk-management tool. It is conveniently broken down into seven essential sections:

  1. Introduction and General Guidelines.
  2. Common Mistakes.
  3. Types of Questions.
  4. Sample Questions.
  5. Questions to Avoid.
  6. Post-interview Procedures..
  7. Collecting Applicant Background Data & Preparing Interview Records.