The following is a list of our local chapters. If you are an active member, you can click on the name of a chapter below to view its description, officers, members and meetings.

RegionNameWeb SiteChapter President
Southern RegionAlabama Chapter, Mike
Eastern RegionAlbany, NY Chapterhttp://albany-ipma.orgRagone, Daniel
Southern RegionArkansas Chapter, Cathy
Western RegionCentral California Chapter, Aaron
Western RegionChannel Islands, CA Chapterhttp://www.cipma-hr.orgTerry, Bernedette R.
Western RegionColorado Chapter, Demetrius
Eastern RegionConnecticut Chapterhttp://ct-ipma-hr.orgAnnis, Lisa
Southern RegionGeorgia Chapter, Michelle
Western RegionGrand Canyon State Chapter, Angie
Central RegionGreater Dayton Ohio Chapterhttp://www.ipmadayton.comSheets, Melissa
Central RegionGreater Illinois Chapter Keigher, Jennifer
Central RegionGreater Kansas City, MO Chapterhttps://www.ipma-gkc.orgAulgur, Shawn
Central RegionGreater St. Louis, MO Chapter, Shanton
Western RegionIdaho Chapter Combs, Tina
Western RegionInland Empire Chapter, Robert
Central RegionKansas Chapter, Sheena J.
Southern RegionKentucky Chapter, Larry
Southern RegionLouisiana Chapter Schober, Sandra
Central RegionMinnesota Chapterhttp://www.ipmamn.orgPivec, Teressa
Eastern RegionMontgomery County, MD Chapter, Chris
Eastern RegionNew Jersey Chapter, Anthony
Western RegionNorth Bay, CA Chapter Love, Mark
Southern RegionNorth Carolina Chapter, Patrick
Central RegionNorthern Ohio Chapter Doty, Stacey K.
Southern RegionOklahoma Chapterhttp://www.ipmahrok.orgNolen, Crystal
Western RegionOregon Chapter, Brandi
Eastern RegionPatuxent River Basin Chapterhttp://www.ipmaprb.orgBarber, Claudia
Eastern RegionRhode Island Chapter, Sharon L.
Western RegionSacramento-Motherlode, CA Chapter, Macy
Western RegionSan Diego, CA Chapterhttp://www.sdipma.orgSorce, Lisa
Southern RegionSouth Carolina Chapter, Janice
Southern RegionSouth Florida Chapter, Pamela J.
Eastern RegionSoutheast Coast, MA Chapterhttp://www.secipma-hr.orgWhelan, Angela
Western RegionSouthern California Chapter, Sandy
Western RegionSouthern Colorado Chapter, Collette
Western RegionSouthern Nevada Chapter Hogan, Lisa
Southern RegionTennessee Chapter, Cheryl
Southern RegionTexas Chapter, Greg
Western RegionUtah Chapterhttp://www.ipmahrutah.orgWalter, Cindy W.
Southern RegionVirginia Chapter, Joshua
Eastern RegionWest Virginia Chapter Elswick, Wendy
Central RegionWisconsin Chapterhttp://wiscipma.orgJohnson, Lindsay