Chapter membership is a special benefit of membership, with the kind of direct, personal support that only local resources can provide.
The following is a list of our local chapters. If you are an active member, you can click on the name of a chapter below to view its description, officers, members and meetings.
RegionNameWeb SiteChapter President
Southern RegionAlabama Chapter, Bersheba
Eastern RegionAlbany, NY Chapterhttp://albany-ipma.orgBernard, Courtney
Southern RegionArkansas Chapter, Matthew
Western RegionCentral California Chapterhttp://www.ipmaccc.orgRodriguez, Karen
Western RegionChannel Islands, CA Chapterhttp://www.cipma-hr.orgEmami, Dee
Western RegionColorado Chapter, Anne
Eastern RegionConnecticut Chapter, Jeremy
Southern RegionGeorgia Chapter, Michelle
Western RegionGrand Canyon State Chapter, Suzanne
Central RegionGreater Dayton Ohio Chapterhttp://www.ipmadayton.comBauer, Jennifer
Central RegionGreater Illinois Chapter Keigher, Jennifer
Central RegionGreater Kansas City, MO Chapterhttps://www.ipma-gkc.orgLeslie, Charlene
Central RegionGreater St. Louis, MO Chapterhttp://ipmahrcentral.orgHamilton, Deborah
Western RegionIdaho Chapter Gamangasso, Alexandra
Western RegionInland Area Chapter McDonald, Kisha
Central RegionKansas Chapter, Jennifer
Southern RegionKentucky Chapter, Grover D.
Southern RegionLouisiana Chapter Schober, Sandra
Central RegionMinnesota Chapterhttp://www.ipmamn.orgBenish, Andrew
Eastern RegionMontgomery County, MD Chapter, Shekila
Eastern RegionNew Jersey Chapterhttp://ipmahr-nj.orgGonzalez, Patricia
Western RegionNorth Bay, CA Chapter Love, Mark
Southern RegionNorth Carolina Chapter, Susan
Western RegionNorthern California Chapterhttp://www.nccipma.orgBoucher, Gene P.
Central RegionNorthern Ohio Chapter Brown, Michael
Southern RegionOklahoma Chapterhttp://ipmahrok.orgLedoux, Tommi
Western RegionOregon Chapter, Brandi
Eastern RegionPatuxent River Basin Chapterhttp://www.ipmaprb.orgHardy, Karen
Eastern RegionRhode Island Chapter, Sharon L.
Western RegionSacramento-Motherlode, CA Chapter, Brody
Western RegionSan Diego, CA Chapterhttp://www.sdipma.orgSorce, Lisa
Southern RegionSouth Carolina Chapter Watford, Tracy B.
Southern RegionSouth Florida Chapter, Dale R.
Eastern RegionSoutheast Coast, MA Chapterhttp://www.secipma-hr.orgShea, Jacquelyn
Western RegionSouthern California Chapter, Stacey
Western RegionSouthern Colorado Chapter, Joel
Western RegionSouthern Nevada Chapter Hunt, Rick
Southern RegionTennessee Chapter, Felecia D.
Southern RegionTexas Chapter, Debbie L.
Western RegionUtah Chapterhttp://www.ipmahrutah.orgMelgar, Paula M.
Southern RegionVirginia Chapter, Robert F.
Eastern RegionWest Virginia Chapter Barker, Delilah
Western RegionWestern Washington Chapter, Jean
Central RegionWisconsin Chapterhttp://wiscipma.orgIrving, Jacqueline